Super Exam 50 LED

The Super Exam 50 LED is ideal for medical examinations. Higher illumination in a precisely controlled beam is just the beginning. Delivering value through longer life, lower energy consumption and versatility is where the Super Exam 50 LED really shines. The LED technology in this highly engineered optical system delivers the precisely controlled natural white light that is so important for your examination to reach an accurate diagnosis. The exclusive K-arm technology delivers versatility and drift-free positioning which makes it easy to use and dependable. Together the Super Exam 50 LED is an ideal solution for your practice whether its obstetrics, gynecology, dermatology or emergency medicine.

Burton has taken its 80 plus years of producing the healthcare industry’s finest lighting instruments to new levels with the launch of its LED series. Utilizing only 15 watts of power, the Super Exam 50 LED produces the light output equivalent to 50 watts of conventional lighting. That represents a 70% savings! Rated at 40,000 hours of life, the Super Exam 50 LED lasts 10 to 20 times as long as conventional diagnostic products. It is no wonder why LED technology is sweeping the healthcare market and Burton is there leading the way.

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