Warranty Policy

Mechanical components of Burton products are warranted to provide the original owner 5 (five) years of free service from defects in material and workmanship unless noted below under special warranty policy. The warranty does not cover the following items: light sources, handles, fuses, and consumables.


1. This condition will be granted only when the original invoice or sales receipt is presented together with the product. Burton reserves the right to refuse free-of-charge warranty service if the above documentation cannot be presented or if the information contained is incomplete or illegible.

2. This warranty will not apply if the serial or lot number on the product has been altered, removed, or made illegible.

3. This warranty does not cover alterations, adaptations or adjustments made to the product to conform to the national or local technical/safety standards in force in any country other than the ones for which the product was originally designed and manufactured.

4. Lights for service under warranty must be either returned to the location instructed by your Burton sales company or made available to the authorized Burton field personnel, where they will be replaced or repaired free of charge.

5. This warranty does not cover the following:
• Periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear.

  • Any adaptation or change to upgrade the product from its normal purpose without the written consensus of Burton.
  • Abuse or misuse of the product.
  • Repair done by non-authorized service stations, dealers, or the customer themself.
  • Accidents, lightning, water, fire, improper ventilation, or any cause beyond the control of Burton.
  • Defects of the system into which the product is incorporated including installation and modification.

6. This warranty does not affect the customer’s statutory rights under applicable national laws in force, or the customer’s rights against the dealer arising from their sales/purchase contract.

Special Warranty

The XenaLux product is warranted as follows:

1. Fiberoptic Illuminators are warranted for (3) three years for both parts and labor to the original owner for any parts proving defective. The 300-Watt lamp is warranted for up to 500 hours.

2. Headlamps are warranted for (3) three years and covers the head band and module. The warranty does not apply to damages due to neglect or abuse.

3. Fiberoptic Cables are warranted for (1) one year against damages at the strain relief and end fittings. There is no warranty for fiber breakage or broken clad rods due to abuse or poor handling or cable end fittings that are burned from use with other Illuminators.

4. Burton reserves the right to evaluate the cause of damages or failure for the above XenaLux components.

5. Items 1-6 under “Conditions” shown above also apply to the XenaLux product.

The LE-50 product is warranted as follows:

1. Product is warranted for (2) two years for parts only.

2. Burton reserves the right to examine the cause of damages or failure of the LE-50.

3. Items 1-6 under “Conditions” shown above also apply to LE-50 products.