UV LED Magnifier

Burton’s professional grade SMART Magnifier offers both UV and White LED light. Commonly found in Dermatology, Trauma, Schools, Ophthalmology, Forensic Science, Hospitality/Food Industry, Agriculture, and Industrial Inspection for detecting defects. “Woods Light”*


  • 2,750 Lux at 6” (White LED)
  • 3800 K Color Temperature
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 95 (White LED)
  • Viewing Area Diameter of 1.85” Height X 3.85” Width

Product Specifications

UV LED Magnifier
Illuminance:2,750 Lux at 6" (White LED)
Color Temperature:3800K (White LED)
CRI (Color Rendering Index):95 (White LED)
Light Source:LED UV 365nm UVA or White operation in one device
Rated Life of LED:36,000+ hours (White LED) 30,000+ hours (UV LED)
Power:100-240v Operation
Li-Ion Battery:4 hours of continuous use
Viewing Area Diameter:1.85" Height x 3.85" Width
Optics:Optically ground and polished glass non-yellowing

Ordering Information

UV604LEDLED UV and White Magnifier with Power Cord Adapter
UV604LED-INTLED UV and White Magnifier with Power Cord Adapter International Wall Plug Kit, UK/EU/AU
*Not a diagnostic, therapeutic or treatment device
6000412LED UV and White Magnifier Replacement Battery
6000413LED UV and White Magnifier Replacement Power Cord Adapter
6000433LED UV and White Magnifier Carrying Case