LE 50® LED

Burton’s LE 50® LED is a cost-effective, flex-arm, medical task, and reading light. Its illumination far exceeds the competition.


  • Standard Beam: 40,000 Lux at 18”; 75,000 Lux at 12”
  • Wide Beam: 9,000 Lux at 18”; 19,000 Lux at 12”
  • Color Temperature of 4100K
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 95
  • Flexible Gooseneck Arm



Product Specifications

Illuminance:Standard Beam: 40,000 Lux at 18"; 75,000 Lux at 12" | Wide Beam: 9,000 Lux at 18"; 19,000 Lux at 12"
Color Temperature:4100 Kelvin
CRI (Color Rendering Index):95
Light Source:Light Emitting Diode (LED)
Rated Life:50,000-hour average rated LED life
Power:7 Watts
Power Supply:Universal Voltage 100/230v External Adapter
Mounts:Floor Stand, Wall, Table, and Rail Mount

Ordering Information

100v/230v: Standard BeamDescription100v / 230v: Wide BeamDescription
LE50FLLE 50 LED Standard Beam Mobile Floor StandLEW50FLLE 50 LED Wide Beam Mobile Floor Stand
LE50WLE 50 LED Standard Beam Extension Arm & Universal Wall MountLEW50WLE 50 LED Wide Beam Extension Arm & Universal Wall Mount
LE50TLE 50 LED Standard Beam Table MountLEW50TLE 50 led Wide Beam Table Mount
4000068Din Style Rail Mount 25 mm X 10 mm
4000067Fairfield Style Rail Mount
4000431Wall Mount Extension 15.5"

LE50 Led Accessories Pic