CoolSpot® II

The aesthetically appealing CoolSpot® II offers incredibly pure, white light along with a guaranteed no-drift arm, high intensity setting and variable spot size control. The CoolSpot® II examination light is the spotlight of choice.


  • 60,000 Lux at 1 meter (39.7”)
  • 4300 K color temperature
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 94
  • Bi-level dimmer for variable intensity

Product Specifications

CoolSpot II
Illuminance:60,000 Lux at 1 meter (39.7”)
Color Temperature:4300 Kelvin
CRI (Color Rendering Index):94
Dimming:Bi-level dimmer for variable intensity
Light Source:Halogen
Rated Life:600-hour average bulb life on standard setting
Power:150 Watts
Mounts:Floorstand, Single Ceiling, Double Ceiling, Wall Mount, Single Fastrac, Double Fastrac

Ordering Information

120 v Model230/240v Model230/240v SP Model*100v ModelDescription
CS316SCCS325SCC302SC25CS315SCSingle Ceiling Mount
CS316DCCS325DCC302DC25CS315DCDouble Ceiling Mount
CS316WCS325WC302W25CS315WWall Mount
CS316STCS325STCS315STSingle Fastrac Mount
CS316DTCS325DTCS315DTDouble Fastrac Mount
*SP Model refers to Spanish Language Manuals
5000884Ceiling Structure Plate
0007006PKCoolSpot II replacement bulbs, 3/box
1008466BCoolSpot II handle replacement
0008100PKLight handle covers, sterile, 25/box
100825942" drop tube
1008060Special length, max 58" drop tube