Reliable operation, simplicity and ease of use are the hallmarks of every Burton product, and the APEX® is no exception. For optimum illumination (120,000 lux at 1 meter – 39.7”), the highest quality no-drift arm system, reliability and true color rendering, there is no better value than Burton’s APEX®. Plus, an efficient quartz halogen lamp design eliminates the need for complicated back-up lamp systems used in single source lights.


  • 120,000 Lux at 1 Meter (39.7”)
  • 4200 K Color Temperature
  • High CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 95
  • Focuses with center autoclavable handle for exceptionally smooth focus



Product Specifications

Illuminance:120,000 Lux at 1 Meter (39.7”)
Color Temperature:4200 Kelvin
CRI (Color Rendering Index):95
Light Source:Halogen
Focusing:Focusing with center autoclavable handle for exceptionally smooth focus
Number of Bulbs:4
Light Head Diameter24" (61 cm)
Mounts:8' Single Ceiling, 10' Single Ceiling, 8' Double Ceiling, 10' Double Ceiling

Ordering Information

120v Model230/240v Model120v SP Model*100v ModelDescription
APXSC8APXSC825APXSC8SPAPXSC8018' Single Ceiling Mount
APXSC10APXSC1025APXSC10SPAPXSC100110' Single Ceiling Mount
APXDC8APXDC825APXDC8SPAPXDC8018' Double Ceiling Mount
APXDC10APXDC1025APXDC10SPAPXDC100110' Double Ceiling Mount
*SP Model refers to Spanish Language Manuals.
0002004PKAPEX replacement bulbs, 6/Box
0008100PKLight handle covers, sterile, 25/Box