Philips’ EnabLED Licensing Program

Philips’ EnabLED Licensing Program

Philips’ EnabLED Licensing Program

Philips’ EnabLED Licensing Program


Philips vast and diverse portfolio of LED Intellectual Property / Patents


Filament based LED products

Warm dimming incandescent emulation

$10M L Prize-winning technology

LED-based Lamp for Replacing TL Fluorescent Lamp with safety features

LED glare reduction

Asymmetric LED light output

Uniform mixed LED output

Connected LED lighting technology


Using LEDs and filament forms to generate light

Using LEDs to emulate warm dimming features of incandescent bulbs

LED lamps with omnidirectional light and award-winning reliability

General illumination and specialty applications

Where comfortable LED light output is required

Asymmetrical, directed LED light applications

Multicolor or tunable white LED

Systems of networked LED bulbs with Radio Frequency (RF) connectivity

Advantages Include

Improves reliability and luminous efficacy of filament LED bulbs

Produces white light with natural warm dimming effects

Omnidirectional light output whilst maintaining cooling efficiency

Energy-efficient, long-life and mercury-free alternative to fluorescent tubes with safe installation features

Reduces LED glare effects and provides uniform light output

Provides LED light output only to directions and areas that need to be illuminated

Provides good color/tunable white mixing, eliminated white-LED unequal phosphor artifacts

Simplified bulb integration in networks and improved antenna design for increased connection reliability with limited physical space

The Right Light