Burton Medical Offers Affordable and Superior Illumination

Burton Medical Offers Affordable and Superior Illumination with New LE-35

Introducing a better alternative to the all-purpose gooseneck

CHATSWORTH, CA (August 20, 2010) – Burton Medical, Inc., the leader in examination and minor surgery lighting equipment, introduces the Burton LE-35 to deliver superior illumination, improved reach, and better range of mobility in an affordable task light. The 35-watt LE-35 provides two to five times more bright white illuminance than similar lights in its class, improving efficacy and visibility. This task light provides illuminance of 30,000 lux at 18 inches. The LE-35 has a color-rendering index of 97 and a color temperature of 2900K with a rated average life of 4,000 hours.

The LE-35 features the Burton exclusive K-arm technology that utilizes internal springs to ensure smooth, easy positioning within the range of 42 inches; nearly double the reach of comparable lights with similar features. The K arm provides drift-free and sag-free performance year after year.

The LE-35 received the UL 153 certification and it is covered by Burton’s two-year product warranty.

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About Burton
Burton Medical, located in Addison, IL, is a medical device manufacturer of high quality examination, procedure, minor surgery and major surgery lighting equipment. Since its inception in 1928, Burton has been known for superior quality, exceptional value, and long-lasting solutions to complex lighting issues facing physicians, surgeons and veterinarians throughout the world. Engaged in designing, manufacturing and distributing, Burton Medical is an FDA-registered facility and certifies products to comply with FDA, Health Canada, UL, and CE requirements. Burton has over 200,000 lights installed in the United States alone and continues to grow based on its quality, reliability, and its extraordinary five-year warranty.
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