During the most critical moments, you need a light you can trust. From no-drift arms to pure white light with minimal heat output, Burton lights have the features you need for ease of use, versatility, and patient comfort. Sleek designs, multiple configuration options and high value on all Burton lights mean you can select the right lights for your facility.



Outstanding performance for the practitioner, exceptional comfort for the patient. Burton’s high-intensity illumination with minimal heat output creates the perfect light for both the physician and patient. Burton lights deliver precisely controlled natural white light that is so important for an accurate exam. Whether you’re looking for a fixed or focusable spot diameter, Burton offers a variety of lights to meet your needs.

Dermatology & Plastics

With extended, no-drift arms, Burton lights are reliable and easy to maneuver. High-intensity white light and true color rendering provide accurate visibility for dermatologists and plastic surgeons, while cool operation ensures patient comfort. UV lights and LED magnifiers with large viewing areas offer enhanced optical performance. Focusable light with shadow free-free positioning provides precise illumination.


Oral Health

Burton offers a variety of lights to meet your needs. Compact sizing and no-drift arms make these lights easy to work with and perfect for any facility, Maxillofacial and Oral surgery.

Animal Health

Burton is a leader in animal health lighting. Our state-of-the-art solutions span across animal health applications with products tailored to the size and optimal comfort of the animal. High quality and drift free positioning during essential exams, minor procedures, and surgeries. Burton products include low-maintenance, heat-free lighting that keeps the veterinarian, staff, and animal comfortable and safe.